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Small group 6 Hours Bus and Boat tour in NYC is what our tour agency offers our customers. These 5 Star, New York City Tours services, are unparalleled in New York City. We win awards for our service, excellence, and outstanding awards.  It was created with you the customer in mind. Bus tours in NYC give each tourist smaller personalized attention that you do not receive with the larger tour bus companies. You receive guided tours in NYC, and the Tour Guide hops on and off with you. It combines a bus tour with short walks and a ride on the world-famous Staten Island Ferry. Feel like you are part of this journey of tourist sightseeing and memories instead of just another passenger on the bus.


Small Bus Tours NYC's mission and passion are to host and delight tourist sightseeing in NYC from the world over by relentlessly delivering unparalleled, personalized customer service. Our success measured by our customers who gave us top-notch reviews and who encourage their friends and family to experience a small group bus tour with us.


Small Bus Tours NYC; WE are redefining and personalizing tourist sightseeing in NYC. Our bus tours in  NYC are concise, precise, and on time. We take tourist to exactly where they want to be, with the Tour Guide leading the way. Above all, the bus will be waiting.


We understand that the Big Apple (Concrete Jungle) can be very intimidating. We know that many tourists sightseeing in NYC, get lost in the process, and lose their valuable time. We promise our small group bus and Boat tour in NYC to give you concise directions to our pick-up location. We have a thirst for knowledge and the courage to explore uncharted waters. We not only live up to our reputation but strive to exceed expectations. Our team is known for its unrivaled knowledge of The Big Apple, which enables us to fashion bus tours in NYC designed to pique your interest. 


We are committed to providing our bus tours in NYC customers outstanding service. We listen to our customers, anticipate their needs, and respond to their request promptly and with care. Our buses are climate controlled suitable for any weather. We cater to the customer's needs. We realize social interaction with a person who knows the city is very important, hence a Tour Guide is always there right to the end of the tour.


Small Bus Tours NYC pledges to abide by its code of ethical practices in all company and social activities. We hold ourselves accountable to provide customers of our small group bus tours in  NYC the highest standards of service, punctuality, reliability, and open communication. We ensure that all our staff is devoted to the same standards of integrity and common values. We understand that honesty is the best policy, and we strive to uphold that.

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